Why use your own name to represent your business?

 I'm a firm believer in the meaning of names.
Ashley comes from the Ash Tree Meadows, and Renee means reborn. In the Bible, meadows were places of sustenance and abundance. The Ash tree grows and survives in polluted areas like cities. The wood of the Ash Tree is hard. It's tough. It's extremely strong and extremely elastic. It can take hard blows without splintering and bends very easily...to sum it up in one word the Ash Tree is Resilient. 

Psalm 1, a verse I strive to live by, is an example of a righteous man who is like a tree firmly planted by streams of water. He is grounded. He is rooted.  And he prospers in every season. 

How would you describe your own work?

Vibrant. Raw. Honest. Romantic. Genuine. Playful. Clean. 

What Equipment do you use?

Canon 5D Mark iii (2)
35 mm 1.4
50 mm 1.2
85 mm 1.2
External Flashes & More

Where are you based out of?

Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex 

Are you willing to travel?

Of course! Send me an email for special destination package pricing. 

How do I book you?

Email me! I require a signed contract and a retainer fee of 30% to reserve the date.

How long after my wedding will I receive my photos?

Between 4-6 weeks

Do you offer a second photographer?