Chris & Natalie

Like my roommate would say... Chris and Natalie are "the!!" 
No but really, this couple is the definition of what a power couple should be. They love so unconditionally, serve wholeheartedly, and joy overflows and spills into the lives of those who come in contact with them. I met Chris and Natalie at my church in my little small town of Whitewater, WI earlier last year but are those friends that you swear you've known and grown with in a past life.

The morning of the photoshoot was so funny because we originally planned for a sunrise photoshoot at 6:30am in the morning....yes-six thirty in the morning people. In my mind I'm getting all giddy and excited and can't sleep laying in my bed because I'm imagining the sun rising on their faces, wind blowing through her hair, the soft illuminating pink/orange glow behind their silhouettes-bla bla bla- you get where I was going with this!

...we were there at 6:30am in the morning- you best BA-LEE-DAT! But, was the sun there? NOPE. 

Long story short, we rolled with it and had a blast anyways. Now THAT'S how it's done ladies and gents-you do with what you got, right?! Oh, and laugh of course. 

I mean c'mon now, this beauty was rockin' that flower crown like it was nobody's business!

Happy Tuesday!! Here's to saying goodbye to the winter and hello to long walks on the beaches (for all you lovers out there) and drinking bubble tea on state street in Madison (that's me) ;-P

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