Jonas & Johanna | Hamburg, Germany

When Johanna and I first spoke over facetime, I immediately knew we would be friends. I even told her, "I am not this high maintenance five--star hotel photographer." I told her if she literally had a spot for me with her family then that would be MORE than perfect. To be honest, I have never enjoyed looking at monuments and going to the historical places when traveling. Get me immersed in the culture, around the local people, and I'm GOOOOOOOOD! 

I was right- we were friends even before we met in person and then when I met her and Jonas at the airport, it all made sense. I found myself being that cheesy traveler that was amazed at the language and the fact that Johanna knew how to SPEAK TWO LANGUAGES! Like what??! Why that sounds so stupid in my head though is because I also know two languages. I guess when it's not your native tongue then you have permission to be amazed. Am I right?! 

I could not have asked for the best-first-time- overseas- destination wedding. Everything was more than I could have asked or prayed for. As much as I would like to make this exclusively all about Jonas and Johanna, it doesn't do it justice because their whole family took me in with arms wide open---they were the whole package! It couldn't have been a more perfect fit, especially when you literally slumber party on the first night with the bride. The way Jonas & Johanna are together is the sweetest and refreshing thing to experience. She is definitely the free and wild one in the relationship while Jonas is the calm cool and collected, patient man, who absolutely adores her. 

This trip to Germany reminded me why I am so thankful for this season that I am in. I continue to gain more friends, not just clients... and THAT is what this is all about.  It was such a blessing to not just photograph Jonas and Johanna, but to be included, and to celebrate their oneness with such joy and laughter. The last night, I got home and grandma looks at me with her precious, gentle smile and says, "I love you. Hopefully you come back to Germany." That was all I needed to end that trip--sealed with a hug from grandma and an open door for whenever I do get another opportunity. 

One day... one day I will. 

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