Caleb & Stefanie Rouse | Unshakable Crown

Had the privilege of working with this AMAZING selfless couple in Palm Springs back in November. I finally got around to blogging this absolutely gorgeous session. Caleb & Stefanie have been married for almost 5 years now and dedicate their marriage to "share in ways they have overcome (or are overcoming) obstacles in their lives and marriage." They are "trained in masters in Psychology, Theology, and Education, using those skills as their mission to help others experience their relationships to the fullest, God-given potential." I will let them speak for themselves as this is all found on their very own website Unshakeable Crown. Please go check them out and really spend some time listening to what they have to say. They are trained, experienced, and anointed in bringing truth to what many marriages/ relationships struggle with today. 

"You don't know what you don't know," is one of my favorite quotes because it challenges us to not be ignorant in our ways and our thinking. We never arrive and we are always going deeper and deeper in our understanding. So many times, however, we think we are having to learn something new when in actuality we are having to UNLEARN what has been ingrained in us for so long. Whether it's learning how relationships functioned growing up at home, or in the people that have surrounded us, we have all learned how to do relationship. For many of us-  think I can speak for a lot of people- we have developed patterns of coping mechanisms and unhealthy ways of communication. This is where the unlearning comes into play. I stand with this couple in just that- believing so much in marriage and relationships and cultivating that for God's Kingdom. We were made for relationship with Him so the representation and example that we can set is so important in what we know and how we apply that in our personal lives. When we fully get to a place of understanding "healthy" in our relationships, we are able to really love from a pure agape kind of love.  

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