Jake & Olivia Wedding | Whitewater, WI


Last month I flew in on on a Thursday for my best friends wedding. On the plane, I was obviously reminiscing about all the awesome times we've had over the past 4 years- just two single girls- living the simple, small-town life together. One of those things during that season has marked me in such a powerful way, and that has been watching Olivia raise her baby boy on her own. Now, when I say "on her own," I am in no way disregarding the tribe that has stood by her side since day one to help her raise him to be such a stunning gentleman of a boy.  But at the same time, every single mom knows how exhausting it is to raise a child on their own while trying to play both parent roles- that's REAL. I remember the tired days, the discouragement, the insecurity that would creep in, the lies in her head she had to fight on a daily basis that she wasn't a good enough mother. It was challenging, but it was all a part of God equipping her for such a time as this.   

Olivia is someone I wish to be one day when I have kids. I want to model her patience, her grace, and her humility. I am so freaking glad I got to capture this sweet moment on the morning of her wedding day; the end of a hard, yet such rewarding season... and the very beginning of a new one. I wanted her to remember her wedding sunrise. I wanted her to remember what it was like to wake up in the mornings with just the two of them in their home. I wanted her to remember what God has done and how faithful he will always be. 

We are all extremely blessed to have Jake in our lives. I'm in awe of how God answered our prayers. He is going to be an excellent husband to Olivia and a very patient, gracious, and humble father to Gabriel. 

And this is where all the fun began... enjoy friends. 

Ashley OrozcoComment