Joseph & Brittany Wedding | Grand Rapids, WI

A relationship of thirteen years isn't one of instantaneous love and romance. Rather, the slow marinating growth of trust, faithfulness, and building of a firm foundation. Spending the day celebrating Joseph and Brittany's vow of commitment to forever was nothing short of amazing. It could not have turned out better considering the storms, the heat, and the humidity. You would never tell just by scrolling through the photos. The sweetness and love that Joe & Brit exuberated all day are what one would say seared their memory. 

Huge thanks to Allison from Et Voila Event Planning for being the most awesome wedding planner on earth. Do not be tricked by her sweet, captivating smile and demeanor- underneath that gentle woman is a BEAST who kills it at organizing your wedding day like nobody's business. NOW you can prepare yourself by getting a tissue because you will DROOL over all the fine details and decor.