Jake & Olivia Engagement | Dousman, WI


This story is a very special story to me. One, because it's my best friend. Two, because only God could have done something so sweet like this. 

Let me back up a little bit to when it was just Olivia and I. We both were working at the same company for three years already when God began to stir something up in our hearts that was quite overwhelming at first. What God was speaking to us was by no means "comfortable," but oh, was it the best thing that we both felt God could have ever revealed to the both of us in that season of our lives. We felt this burning in our hearts to fearlessly love, and as every day passed, we received a deeper understanding of the Father's love for his children and that tomorrow is never promised. Around the same time that all of this was happening in our personal lives, our company hired another team member that very quickly became everyone's favorite in the office. From the first day this guy walked into the office doors, he stood with integrity, humility, phenomenal work ethic, and carried this natural God-given gift of leadership. Never once did it cross my mind that this man, Jake, would be the one that God would call to marry my best friend and adopt her four-year-old son, Gabriel, just a year later. The crazier part was in just four months, God would speak to me about moving to TX. Despite how fast our lives shifted, we still had this peace that surpassed all understanding. 

There I was, driving down Highway 26 after work one evening... crying and praying through the emotions that flooded me as I thought about leaving everything that was so dear to me. I couldn't fathom the thought-what seemed could be a really good possibility- of seeing Olivia meet a guy and have to get to know him from states away, not knowing his character, his passions, or his personality on a normal day-to-day basis. I prayed a simple prayer in March that evening, driving in my car, as the sun was setting. My prayer was for God to allow me to meet the man that He had for Olivia, and that I would somehow be able to walk very closely with her through the process of a relationship. 



When I think of Jake, I think of the bible verse from Matthew 20:16 that says, "So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few are chosen. He did not have a "leadership position" at our work but it was all in his demeanor- he had a servant heart. He selflessly served and never complained once about the work he was given. In fact- he did his work with excellence and we all were super impressed.  


Fast forward a couple of months... he walks in one day struggling because of chronic back pain he had been having for a few days. Olivia and I felt that we needed to pray for healing over his back and when we did we spoke the Fathers love to him and the purposes He had planned for his life. 

I'm so glad we stepped out to do that because not too long after, He gave his life to Jesus in the work parking lot with our boss who was also demonstrating the Father's heart towards him over quite a few months. 


The rest of the love story is history.... ok FINE- I won't cheat you out of the REAL mushy gushy part... you can see for yourselves: 

THAT'S RIGHT- I was the undercover photographer, hiding in the bushes and all. LOL. This was moments after he got down on one knee and proposed to Olivia and Gabriel.

It's funny when you pray a simple prayer and even think sometimes, "This could be a stretch but it was worth the try,". It's even funnier when God comes back and drops the mic. Who am I kidding?! This is my Father! He loves me. He loves my best friends and He has considered all of our hearts throughout this whole life transition in the past year. It has been challenging at times trying to navigate all the change, but I am blessed I have gained some pretty special people along the way that I know will still be doing life and loving Jesus with me years down the road. 

Thank you, Jake, for loving Olivia and serving her the way you do. I can't wait for the wedding and May- when you guys come visit me in TX!!! 

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