Arturo & Madeline | Fort Worth, TX

The one thing I love most about my parents is that everywhere we go, they have a friend. It seems like where ever we travel, someone knows them and together my parents bring so much laughter and easiness to those around them. Growing up, our home was the home that all our friends visited for dinner while we laughed so hard around the table as we listened to my dad embarrass all five of us with ridiculous stories of our childhood. Trust me- it's still like that. I'm blessed that God placed me in that environment, using it to help me grow in hospitality, and to continue learning what it means to value relationship and the depth that comes with being intentional. 
Bottom line- my parents are pretty great. I'm just so thankful they let me do this for them so we have something to show our children and our grandchildren one day. And not just show them for the purpose of having these photos as treasures, but to show them what a blessing it is to marry your best friend. 

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