Radio Ill

This post is a very special one. I've been dying to share these two beautiful human beings with the world. Today I want to rav on my brother Donney and his wife Leanna.  Let me introduce you to them.

World, This is Donney...

And his wife Leanna...

They are a huband and wife team; together they create for the glory of God. Donney is the writer/christian rap artist and Leanna is the graphic designer. This photo session was used to promote their apparel for the EP  he came out with called Radio Ill.

>>> <<<

"Radio Ill unapologetically addresses the misconceptions in hip-hop/pop culture. It goes against the grain and norm of what mainstream radio plays, hoping to give listeners a redemptive perspective."

 I am continually inspired by their motivation, diligence, and "excellence mentality." I keep saying this over and over again, but the Lord has seriously blessed me with not just friends, but family that I can do life with that share the same creative aspirations. Our last conversation we had the night before we headed out to the Legacy Conference  in Chicago was the realization that we all felt that we were not called to the normal 9-5 day job. I'm not saying that is a bad thing because there NEEDS to be people doing that obviously. However, I do get a sigh of relief knowing that my dreams don't seem so crazy when I am put alongside brothers and sisters like these two. In light of all of this, I want to encourage anyone who has a dream that they feel is unattainable- KEEP ON GRINDING. We are called with purpose and to give God all the glory. I love the saying, "Pray like it depends on God, but work like it depends on you." 

Thanks to the friends who participated to make this happen. Also, it felt weird being in front of my own camera-like I freeze and tense up-I do everything I tell my clients not to do. Yeeaaa....I'll just stay behiiiiiiinnnnddd the camera. 

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