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2012 was the year I moved back to my hometown of Whitewater. I was entering a season that was very heavy and needed much emotional healing.  It required me sacrificing my life in the greater city of Milwaukee; my community, my school, and my dreams. I was desperate to establish friendships that I knew would challenge me, encourage me, intercede on my behalf, and simply do life with me. Kelsey was one of those friends that became a pillar in my walk with God. I always thought I could "hang..." until I met this girl. I quickly realized that while Kelsey was ramping up, going on her second burst of energy at 10/11pm,  I was sinking... very fast. Of course, she kept me up and we had many nights of laughter and slumber parties. Seriously though, you thought slumber parties in elementary were the bomb? You have to experience slumber parties at 25-27 yrs old. That's where I'll leave that. 

It's crazy to see how the past four years of my life have been the most life changing and maturing years I've had to experience. I continue to learn so much about myself- The Lord has been so faithful in guiding my heart to do His will. A lot of that was super freaking awesome, and a lot of that was super freaking humbling. The best part was that Kelsey was there every step of the way & vice versa. It's encouraging to witness the seeds God has planted in her heart come to fruition in her life. I am blessed that I get to celebrate this new season and these big "life commitments" alongside this girl. Needless to say,  this photoshoot has been a long time coming. 

Remember when, a couple posts back I mentioned how much I loved hand pictures? 

...THIS [enter 'dead' emoji here]. 


Here's to God always following through with His promises. If there is one thing I have learned doing life with this precious friend it is to trust God with your life and surrender all that you are because we are called to honor Him and give reverence to where it's due. 

So, in celebration of this photoshoot and her EP Getting Close Going Far, please click to hear her music and support however you feel led to. 

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