Bob & Katie | Omaha, NE

It was a beautiful Thursday morning and I'm sitting on a plane once again; I had just flown into Texas the day before and spent the entirety of it soaking in precious family time. I couldn't believe I was sitting there, except for this time I was headed to Nebraska to run my first ever Half Marathon. Excitement and a little ounce of anxiousness stirred inside of me-you never would have guessed if you were that man sitting beside me on the plane seeing as I was in a very deep state of "almost unconsciousness." (I really have a way with my words, don't I?) Why fly to a completely different state to make yourself run 13.1 miles you ask? To visit these two love birds of course...duh!

Katie was my first and only roommate in college. You best believe we had many late night trips on the shuttle to our favorite pizza joint, dance parties, rap conversations, long study sessions at Golda Meir Library, walks on our favorite street Shepard Ave., and oatmeal on the beach. Yes, I repeat, oatmeal on the beach-not random at all.  Not to mention that one time I accompanied her on a sixteen mile run when she was training for the Chicago Marathon-on my bike. LOL! 

Oh yea... and then once upon time Katie ran off to bible college and met the love of her life Bob and lived happily ever after in Nebraska serving the Lord. Boom.

My heart is full. My time spent in Nebraska was sweeter than I imagined. It's been five years since we've lived in different states, but like any friendships that are sure to last a lifetime, nothing felt different. I love Bob because of how he loves and serves Katie. I love them together because they weaved me into their everyday way of life. It straight up rained the whole time I was there, but we didn't need to do anything more than go grocery shopping, make dinner, lay around taking naps, laugh to the point of no breathing, and go out for bubble tea.  I'm blessed when it comes to friendships and they are one I prize dearly.

I'm so glad I had Katie right next to me throughout this whole process of training for the half marathon.She was such an encouragement and accountability sending me screen shots of her workouts. I couldn't have crossed that line without her. I'll leave you with our "we made it" photo!