Adrian & Yxkra | Texas

There are few times out of the year that the Lord blesses me to be able to see my family. Each time is so sweet and then that much harder when i have to go back home. This time was especially difficult because it just seems like my niece and nephews are growing up that much faster; there are "bigger" steps being taken in life, it's all so exciting, and I wish I could witness it on the daily. I love this session so much because my heart and blood is in it. This is my brother Adrian and his girlfriend Yxkra.  For one-they are a HOT couple...and two- my brother is the one person in my life that just knows how to get me laughing for no reason (and I laugh ALOT). So, I guess what I am really trying to say is that if there is one state of being that I thrive in, it's to be a supporter and an encourager to the ones I love with my whole heart and I LOVED to be able to step in and be just that for my brother and Yxkra in this tangible way.  

Like, seriously? This sunlight was OUT OF THIS WORLD. Oh... and thanks to Yxkra- I have my next hair color picked out. 

These are the moments that I just continue to trust the Lord with where he has me. As much as I would like to be with my family in the hot state of Texas, I know the Lord has a plan and purpose for where I am in this season. I just rejoice that I have the honor of interceding for my family and praying that He continually blesses them and keeps them and draws them close to his heart forever and always.

I love you guys! 


P.S. It wouldn't be right if I forgot to leave you all without this last blooper image. Because, I mean, I AM my brother's sister and this is just proof that he struggles with being cheesy, in fact he purposefully tried to distract my "I'm a professional photographer and I'm being assertive" NESS.  [insert dying laughing emoji] I will give him props though- after the five thousandth time of me yelling, "Adrian, just TRY to be cheesy...YOU CAN DO THIS.!" I think he did a pretty good job. hahahahaha!! 

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