Chris & Kelly | Waukesha, WI

When I first sat down to meet with Kelly I knew she would be a perfect fit. Her sweetness and adorable smily eyes "got me like." So of course I was hoping she was thinking the same about me being a great fit...obviously that was a yes. I was excited to meet both Chris and Kelly together at the engagement session. If there's one thing I absolutely love about relationships and marriage, it's knowing that person has so much more to their personality that only their other half can expose. It's pure joy being able to see them in another light-more vulnerable, less reserved, and comfortable because their "safe place" is right next to them.  That, mixed my Latina fire pulling out their true colors is a JOY!


In this session I realized I like to use the word snuggle... alot. Maybe even in times when I didn't have to use it. LOL. I don't know- it's what "cute" registers in my brain and then snuggle comes out of my mouth. I have come to accept I have a funny way of describing what I want. In my defense: physical touch is my love language. :-P

Got to practice my creativity [Insert hashtag MOOD]

Thanks Chris & Kelly for being awesome, adorable, and willing to do what I asked of you! You made my job that much more fun! 

Ashley OrozcoComment