A Miracle Baby

Meet the Martons. I met Johnetta the day she walked into my zumba class that I instructed at church back in the fall of 2013. She came in on FIRE and ready to "WERK." I enjoyed having her in class because, well, if I'm just being real-that girl knew how to DANCE! My class was set up with very specific intentions. It was set up for the women to get to know each other on a more personal, deeper level; adding in a devotional at the end of every class and mixing it up once in a while intentionally praying over one another. 
After a while, Johnetta walked into class feeling heavier and heavier, until she expressed the weight of her burden and the possibility of being infertile. As a team of women who just came in to get a good work out- we received so much more than just that. We left refreshed as we poured our hearts out to her and spoke life and blessing over her womb. Jesus was so faithful to respond to our heart's cry. 

Now, with just days away...we await little miracle baby Marton. 

Ashley OrozcoComment