Hola! :)

Thanks for visiting! I wish I could whip up some good authentic green enchiladas and the best homemade mojito and tell you to stay a while... but this will have to do for now.
I'm Ashley, 28, a small town Wisconsin girl living in the city of Fort Worth servicing Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area. When I'm not editing, you will most likely find me getting stuck in the crazy traffic in my big city commute, squishing & hugging & kissing my niece and nephews, and loving on anyone that comes my way. Ahh Yes, and sipping on Bubble Tea. If you ask me "What is bubble tea?" I might possibly respond by asking you, "What is real life?"
Why wedding photography? Because I believe wholeheartedly in marriage. Period. My desire is to see marriages thrive in the world today more than ever. I long to see broken marriages reconciled and fully restored. I desire to see seasoned marriages pouring into newlyweds. I love the thought of strong marriages bleeding into generations to follow and the privilege to document the beginning of what could be the most beautiful legacy. Also, it's very simple: I get to build relationships and create. I have found photography to be that balance in my life and I can't thank God enough to have gifted me this opportunity that continues to leave me in awe client after client. You all leave a certain mark on my journey as an artist and bless me so much. I can't wait to hear your story!


What can you look forward to?

A freaking blast, duh! LOL. But let's be real-- "I absolutely cannot wait to get my picture taken- it's so much fun!" SAID NO ONE, EVER.
...I get it. Are the first ten minutes going to be awkward? Probably. Would IIIII want to be in your shoes in front of my camera? Ha, no. But here is what I am good at- having fun and building relationships! If you trust me, I will do everything in my ability to set you up for success and possibly get you just as excited as me for the day of the photo session whether it's the engagement or the wedding day.
Here is my goal: to get you- the client-to feel confident and comfortable by the end of our time together. We will laugh, we will talk about life, we will bond, we will jam out to some music, and it will be a good time. I PROMISE, it won't be that bad. The week of the engagement session I will email you tips on what to wear and things to think about as well as location options to meet what you are envisioning. You may not even have an idea or expectation as to what you want and that is perfectly okay. That's what I'm here for! Can I get an "Amen!?"


Are We A Good Fit?

I would ask you...
1. Are you are a couple that is madly in love and not afraid to show it?
2. Adventurous?
3. Not afraid to get a little dirt on your dress?
4. Down for anything?
5. Non traditional and unique touches?
6. Love everything about being outside (trees, greenery, lighting, mountains, rolling hills... etc.) ?

If you answered yes to these then I would say we are a PERFECT fit.



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Hello, my name is:
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